About Me 🎓


Geisel Library

B.S. Computer Science

@ UC San Diego

GPA: 3.9

Expected Graduation: 2023


Experiences Coding in:

  • Java
  • C
  • Swift & SwiftUI
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • Python
  • Unity Game Engine
  • ARM Assembly

Projects 💻

Bullet Journal

Developed a bullet journal in a agile software engineering environment. As part of the front end team, I worked on transitioning the mockup into html and css pages. Worked with the backed to make queries to a MongoDB database to store and retrieve notes and tasked created by the user.

Browser Permissions Research

Completed a year long research program where I researched ways to record browser permissions (i.e. camera, location, notification). By modifying chromium, my team and I were able to successfully record permissions and scanned over a half a million sites on the Amazon Top One Million sites. And under the advise of professors and graduate students we were able to analyze the data to discover trends on how sites are requesting their permissions.

Swift/SwiftUI Courses

Developed multiple apps with XCode including a Set Card game and a simple drawing app following a course provided by Stanford University. Learned the fundamentals of Swift and SwiftUI by exploring many common Views along with their use cases. Designed elegant UI’s with animations and optimized apps for multiple devices and screen sizes.

Web Development Courses

Built a strong foundation with coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript using courses from OneMonth.com. Created a dozen websites that each focused on multiple important elements of web development and real-world examples such as mockup Blogs and Search Engines. Incorporated API’s from SoundCloud and GIPHY using JavaScript . Acquired usefully debugging techniques such as efficiently traversing through the documentation to find a solution.

Algo X

Created in Unity, Algo X was created to help new programmers visualize sorting algorithms in a smaller set. The use has the control to choose what instruction to do next, with alerts when a wrong instruction is executed for the algorithm. It provides a much more tactile experience then just a simple visualizer to better understand the underlying code.

*only works on desktop

Acessibility Video Game Controller

Created during SEI, my team's project was to develop a prototype glove that can act as a video game controller for anyone with a disability. The controller only requires slight movement in that hand, each finger is assigned a color which corresponds to a keypress. A color sensor reads located in an Arduino reads a finger and emulates the corresponding keypress on a computer.

Line Following Robot

Built and programmed a line following robot, using photoresistors and an arduino to control it, using PID to control the turn speeds.

Experiences 👔

Amazon Propel Program SDE Intern

@ Amazon

  • Developed an API in Java to get the necessary information for the seller support team to resolve tickets from third party seller
  • Designed and implemented a UI for the seller support team to easily call and understand the response from the API
  • Competed 4-week bootcamp to deepen my understand of software engineering principles
  • Learned how to communicate effectively as a SDE by refining my leadership skills and learning from my mentors

Early Research Scholars Program


  • Conducting research on how public website request browser permissions from users
  • Programming a web crawler to collect the data on which browser permissions public websites request and in order to analyze trends and find overprivileged websites
  • Participating in coursework to assimilate common research practices and standards
  • Will be meeting weekly with a team of professors and graduate students to track progress and present finding for further guidance and analysis

SEI Researcher


  • Researched and developed a prototype video game controller for the handicapped
  • Programmed Arduino to read small movements of a glove and translate them into small keyboard actions

IT Intern

@ Palmdale Aerospace Academy

  • Diagnosed and repaired laptops
  • Maintained server rooms
  • Configured laptops for cloning
  • Configured the wiring for desk setups and projector presentations
  • Installed video and audio passthroughs in walls and ceilings

Robotics Workshop Cordinator

@ The Palmdale Aerospace Academy

  • Collaborated in a small team to plan a children’s summer robotics workshop
  • Helped obtain guest speakers from engineering corporations
  • Mentored children about the engineering process/robotics

Organizations 💼




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